Celebrating the ‘ups’

Yesterday I had a fantastic email from a new contact who will be publishing my work (more details to follow). It was so lovely, positive and encouraging that I’ve printed it out to keep. A writer’s life is not an easy life. It’s fantastic and wild and incredibly ‘alive’. But not easy.  There are numerous rejections, lousy pay, stressful deadlines…but it all seems worth it when you get those lovely emails. They keep you going and make you realise you can keep following your dream.


Interestingly, I’ve also kept a couple of early rejection letters. Just to remind me what it was like in the early days, and not to take things for granted. And also to encourage me….one of those rejection letters was for Hodge. Well, he’s now a globetrotting hedgehog! And another one – addressed to Amy Sparkles! they didn’t even get my name right – was by someone who I now work with very closely.


It’s a fickle, crazy business, but great. And right now, I’m going to celebrate the ‘up’ (as well as the fact I have no more pressing deadlines for a short while!!)

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