Getting ready for Gruff!

Well, it’s exciting the Gruff Guide series is nearly ready to roll. ‘Gruff’s Guide to Fairytale Land’ and ‘Gruff’s Guide to Secret Sea’ are due to come out February/March 2011 but you can pre-order now on Amazon! It makes it seem so real. Sometimes when you spend ages working on a book (the idea originally came 2 years ago!) it can feel like it’s never going to happen. Very soon I should be able to put up some images from the book, including the front cover. ‘Gruff’s Guide to Secret Sea’ is also coming out at the same time, and I’ll let you know when Amazon have that up and running too!

I have had so much fun writing these Gruff books and I honestly can’t wait to hold the finished thing in my hands.

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  1. Well done, Amy, but I know it has been a hard graft for you, looking after my great grandchildren plus ordinary and mundane household chores. I am glad your mum is able to come down to see and help you from time to time. Love.

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