Something happened on the way to school…

A rather beautiful thing happened on the way to school yesterday. So I thought I’d share it.

Usually the school run involves flapping madly, shoehorning everyone into the car, checking whether everyone has everything they need, flapping madly, getting out of the car, retrieving forgotten items, getting back into car, driving grumpily across town because we’re nearly late, finally parking, flapping madly because we are now late, and so on.

Yesterday was different. We were listening to a soundtrack from a film and a track reminded me of a dragon flying. As we travelled across town, I mentioned this to my children and talked a little bit about what the music meant to me and the images it conjured up (still, obviously, giving the road my full and completely undivided attention).  I enjoyed it so much I played the track again and finally, as the track was in its final throes, we arrived at school. I parked the car and switched off the engine. Suddenly I realised that all my children were unusually and unnervingly silent, so I turned round…

The three of them (including the 2-year-old) were sitting perfectly still – eyes closed…and a look of absolute wonder and delight on their faces. It is possible that at this point my eyes became a little watery. As the last note sounded, all three of them, eyes still closed, murmured a few words about what they had just seen in their heads. It was truly a magical moment.

As is its cruel nature, reality began to intrude and reluctantly we all got out of the car and headed into school. For me, it was a touching reminder that inspiration and imagination can be found anywhere and everywhere, even on the school run. And that in the chaos of life, sometimes it’s good to step back and remember the world the way it was – all those years ago, before you grew up and became ‘busy’. Because you never know…there may just be a dragon flying past your car window. And even if you’re running late, you wouldn’t want to miss that.

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