The deed is done!

Well, I now officially believe miracles can happen. I have so many books fighting for attention inside my head that I thought if I didn’t get some of them written this year, I would truly go mad. (Some would argue that’s already happened but that’s another story). So in June 2011 was born THE PLAN, a list of books I wanted to write and self-imposed deadlines for them. This included writing the first draft of a new junior fiction story and two picture books by Christmas.

Not too ambitious, then….!

But I was delighted when yesterday, I finished a (very rough!) first draft of the junior fiction book in time for the Christmas school holidays. I’ve also sent one picture book off into the World Beyond The Laptop.  There’s lots of work still to do on the JF book, but it’s such a lovely feeling to have the whole story down from beginning to end. In the New Year, I’ll revisit it and expand some parts, edit others and add some fun, quirky details.

As for the second picture book I had hoped to write….well, if I’m feeling crazy enough, I might start scribbling some down over the Christmas holidays. And I need to pluck up courage to confront THE PLAN and see what I’m supposed to achieve by Easter! Wish me luck….!

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