The good Gruff Guide

Well, it’s been quite an eventful few days for my next book, ‘Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land’! I’ve been doing the penultimate edit for the book. These are always scary as they are so final. You can’t change your mind once it’s gone out to print! I’ve absolutely LOVED doing this book though and although I feel sad that it’s nearly come to an end, it’s very exciting to think that in 3 months’ time, I’ll have the final product in my hand!


I also received some exciting news today: it looks like ‘Gruff’ is going to be published in a special hardback version, as the book is predicted to do very well. Let’s hope so! The second book, ‘Gruff’s Guide to Secret Sea’ is now due to be published in 2012 instead of 2011. And hopefully, there’ll be more to follow because I love writing them. Watch this space!

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