’Tis the season to be Hodgey

I’ve just spent an enjoyable morning at St. Johns Catholic Primary School in Tiverton. It’s always, always tremendous fun taking ‘Hodge the Hedgehog’ out to schools, especially this time of year. Thanks to the staff and the children for inviting me in and for making it such a lovely time. I’ve been particularly touched as the Foundation Unit have actually made ‘Hodge’ their topic, so it was wonderful to really engage with the children and find out their favourite parts of the book. The ‘naked mouse’ in the bath was a particular hit, apparently! No-one’s ever mentioned that (with or without giggles) before, in all the school visits I’ve done, which just goes to show you can learn more about your readers with every visit you do!

Autumn is my favourite season, the fresh start, the chill in the air, the change in nature, the promise that the year is moving on…and the time when ‘Hodge’ really comes into his own in schools. It makes the RSI from cutting up hundreds of colourful leaves all worthwhile…!


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