Turkish delight…

Today I had a lovely email informing me that a deal has just been done with a publisher over in Turkey! ‘Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land’ will soon be available there and I can’t wait to see the co-edition. I decided to learn a bit of Turkish many years ago when I went on holiday there and it is a wonderful language. However, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to read phrases like ‘big ears, filled with gloopy earwax’ or ‘kickboxing grannies’ but it’ll be fun trying to work it out!

‘Hodge the Hedgehog’ has been translated into several languages, and it’s always amazed and delighted me that people are reading my book in other countries across the world – many I’ve not yet visited. I did have a lovely time in Turkey on holiday…this could be the perfect excuse to go back there. I might even try leaving out some Turkish Delight for the Fairy Godmother instead of marshmallows (see p. 33).

I’m sure that’s something Gruff would approve of.


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