What do you get if you cross Booktrust, a library, a monster and a whale?

A fabulous morning!

Big thanks to the team at Booktrust who arranged a lovely event at Exeter Library  as part of Children’s Book Week and the run up to the Booktrust Best Book Awards ceremony on Wednesday. Thanks also to the staff and children of St Leonard’s Pre-School who came along for the event.

I was delighted that Benji Davies took part in the library event too. His lovely book, The Storm Whale, is also shortlisted for the Best Book Awards. Benji has illustrated three of my books (Hodge the Hedgehog, Gruff’s Guide to Fairy Tale Land and Gruff’s Guide to the Secret Sea) and yet it was the first time we’d managed to meet! Benji delighted the children with his reading and his lovely drawings of whales and cats and not for the first time, I’m rather jealous – I’m as talented at drawing as a potato!


The monsters came out to play next, and it was lovely to read Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo to the children and have a go at creating our own monster afterwards. Introducing:


As always, tremendous fun to create with the children!

So thanks to Booktrust for organising, Exeter Library for hosting and Benij Davies for lending me a rather splendid signing pen!

Amy Benji cropped



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